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BoostCrop Ideas Factory

BoostCrop consortium members hosted an outreach event at the University of Warwick today. Students were posed with the question: “If you had our tools, what problem would you solve? What thing would you invent? What would you like to understand more, to help make the world a better place? How do you propose you will achieve this? The event was attended by Christine Ennew, University of Warwick Provost, who was inspired: “If I had my lot again, I would have liked to become a scientist!”

Kick-off meeting

The Lead Investigators meet at our kick-off meeting, held on Valentine’s Day at the WTC Schiphol Airport. We were all feeling the love for the BoostCrop concept and very keen to getting the science started. What better way to start that to meet up and share each other’s research interests and outlooks on the project.